Monday, May 31, 2010

Hell = Doing nothing forever

I was so excited to do nothing… I am on day four of Summer Break and I am going crazy. I know poor me, a huge chunk of unstructured time should rock, but I am not used to spare time. I went from my mission, to college, to TFA with really no breaks in-between. I have not had spare time for about seven years.

 I would have been home in Utah by now, but I have to wait around in Louisiana for a few weeks to get some paperwork done and I decided to help out TFA with the 102 new people that are coming in, but none of these things are enough to fill up the time. In two weeks I will be going home to Utah so the whole summer is not going to be like this. That's a plus. I guess I could get a hobby, a gym membership, or go find some volunteer work to do... Misty suggested going down and scrubbing ducks off in the gulf. That would actually be a really, really good idea. 

I think my own personal hell would be not having anything to do for eternity. This is not a new idea. I had a job in college where I sat in a cubicle with a headset on. I did not even really have to talk to people I just had to listen for a doctor’s office to pick up their phone and then transfer an automated call through to them. The system was almost totally automated except for having to push a button to transfer the call through. It was the most boring job I have ever had in my life. I was certain that if I ever went to hell it would be that job for eternity. (Sad thing is that everything else about working for that particular company was wonderful. I am not going to name it but it constantly wins awards for being a great place to work because of all of the benefits that come along with being employed there. To bad that the job itself was horrible.)

I am going to go find something constructive to do now… If you had two weeks that were completely free, but did not want to take a trip what would you do? 

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