Friday, February 17, 2012

2 years old

The blog is two years old. Actually it was two years old on the 15th and I forgot to mark the occasion… So much has happened this year. So much growth, change and progress. I’m not the same person I was two years ago. For lack of a better word I feel blessed to be living my life. I feel so fucking blessed to be walking this path.

Here are some highlights from the last year:

  • I finally got the courage to meet-up face to face with people I know from the blog. I have now met in person over 50 people that I have conversed with online from the blogosphere.
  • I attended two Mormon Stories Conferences.
  • I climbed up a nine-foot fence in the middle of the night to play in a fountain.
  • I have let my students teach me how to dance.
  • I have cut more ties with the past and had to let a few people go.
  • I adopted several new brothers and a new sister this year.
  • I finally cut my hair short this year. Yes… I have Beiber hair. (I had wanted to that for at least 10 years…)
  • I lost 40 pounds, became a vegetarian, and am training to run a half marathon.
  • I started dating this year, and have an awesome girlfriend Leigh who in just the short time I’ve known her she inspires me to push myself.
  • I got the guts up to do karaoke several times now.
  • I have started the process of applying for grad school and will start taking classes in the fall.
  • I got out of debt (just to go back in with grad school).
  • I officially became a resident of Louisiana.
  • I finally let enough walls down to have roommates and I love them. (I’m so sad they are leaving in May.)
  • I faced death as an atheist for the first time this year.
  • I learned how to make paper.
  • I learned how to make New York style cheesecake.
  • I’m out to almost everyone in my life now and starting to come out at work a little bit when conversation naturally leads to the topic.

So many of these changes and adventures have come from simply listening to my heart, letting all other things fall away, and being brave enough to act on what it tells me to do. I know it is super-sappy, but remember that movie Hook? At the end Robin Williams, the Peter Pan character was asked what he was going to do now that he was grown. He said, He was going to live that “to live will be an awfully big adventure.” I feel like that.


  1. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, and here's to living the life that makes you happy and fulfilled. I'm so glad that I found your blog! Your articulation of your journey has helped me along my way. Thanks and kudos!

  2. Congratulations Sulli! Keep blogging.

    1. I can feel myself slowing down. Fewer things to say but I will keep it up, or start a new one. :)

  3. Oh dear lord, karaoke!!! I bought a karaoke machine for my kids this year fro long as we stick to Row Row Row Your Boat, all is well, but if I put in my Greatest Hits of the 80's, my OWN children, toddlers, even, say "no singing Mom!!!" I am terrible! And this post begs the question, what song did you sing??? I only once sang "Venus" at a bar, it was memorably horrible. I love the ways you have grown, may we all grow so much, every year! Thank you for sharing with us! By the way, if you are going to Utah this summer, I am going to be in Idaho for a few months..perhaps we would cross paths....

    1. LOL. I'm sure you aren't that bad. Kids are just mean sometimes. :)

      I've done Bitch by Meredith Brooks. I did The Devil Went Down to Georgia. I did a Garth Brooks song but I can't remember which one. I think it was Standing Outside the Fire. I did Yellow by Coldplay.

      You will be in Idaho for a few months?! That is great. We HAVE to meet up.

  4. Happy blog birthday! Your blog and I share a birthday.

    I love this! I love this a lot.

    1. That is so cool!

      Happy Birthday Jen!

  5. How beautiful! May you make more discoveries and have more adventures in your journey.


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