Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Damn orange dirt

Today is the perfect spring day. I’m walking around outside with my little tank top on, flip-flops, and soaking up the sun like a sponge, basking as I walk around the outside mall, face up to the sky. (Can you bask and walk at the same time… I’m pretty sure I was doing both at the same time today…)

I want a nice sunburn… I crave the feeling of the heat on my skin. GAAAWWWDDD I was born for warm weather.

With spring and with the sun I always start to crave other things too. I start to crave orange sand, red rocks, pine trees, and mountain peaks. I start to ache to hear my own steady footfalls on trails and feel the impact as my shoe comes down on that dirt. Spring Break is the first week of April and I hope it finds me in the wilderness of Utah even if just for a few days…

My roommate and I went hiking in Mississippi on Sunday. I think I may go back and get in some good practice for later hikes this summer… He wrote a blog post about our hiking trip if you care to wander over and take a look. We saw some incredible waterfalls. He even posted some videos. (Incidentally the dirty kitchen that shows up in all of his pictures is my kitchen...)


  1. How very cool!!

    I can't wait to start hanging outdoors again, running, hiking and camping--last night the babe said we WILL go camping, just have to pin down a location and make the official plans.

  2. We might have to do a hike together this summer!


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