Friday, March 16, 2012

New Orleans photos

I went over to Leigh’s one day this week and found that she had a print made of a picture from our New Orleans trip and had it on her desk. I smiled when I saw the photo. 

She then presented me with a framed print of the first photo taken of us together. I got a little bit emotional. 

I don’t normally post many photos but we are pretty damn adorable I must say.

I need a really good photo of her now… I think I may have to take my camera over this weekend.  

Me with the roses Leigh brought me

Leigh and I at Mother's in NOLA (she is so hot)


  1. You ladies are SO CUTE!!! I can tell how crazy-smitten you are holding your flowers!

  2. oh gosh you look so happy! Makes me smile. you guys are so cute.

  3. cute. the look on your face w/ the flowers- totally priceless. :-)

    1. LOL... See I think I look kinda goofy... (I think I look kinda like my dad in that photo... I embrace the androgyny though...)

    2. Not at all! I think it's totally adorbs- you look totally smitten. It's sweet. :-)

  4. You two are both adorable and HOT.

  5. So cute! What adorable photos. Those roses rock.

  6. Aw, I'm glad you posted photos! It's nice to see you both.


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