Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Headline: Packer seen hugging gay guy in City Creek Mall...

President Packer must have been seen hugging a homosexual recently… Maybe President Monson held hands with a hot dude… IDK. The church must be softening its stance towards homosexuality.

Something must have shifted in the Mo-universe because last Sunday my mom acknowledged my girlfriend for the first time ever. I don’t even remember quite what the polite inquiry was about because I was too distracted by the sound of my jaw hitting the table upon hearing my mother utter Leigh’s name. We held a brief conversation about Leigh.  As I responded to her questions we made a silent truce in that moment to pretend that there was nothing unusual about our conversation… In true Mormon fashion we pretending that all was well… That all was normal… I’ve never wanted to hug my mom so much as in that moment.

Now of course this conversation was followed up with little Mormony jabs about how she wished that at least one of her daughters would save herself and get married, but I will take the convo attempted guilt trip and all.

Slow progress. Give them time people! Give them time!


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