Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm turning into a slimy swamp monster and may have to visit the Death Star

My allergies are killing me. The congestion is out of control. I’ve been taking Benadryl at night but I have only been managing to sleep until the Benadryl wears off and the slimy congestion returns by the bucketfuls with a vengeance. I imagine that I must be turning into some sort of slimy swamp creature based on the snot and the sounds that I make as a result of the snot… How Leigh manages to find me attractive in this state I don’t know…

Despite the attack of the slimy snot monster that is me right now I have managed to accomplish about half of my “Giant Spring Break To Do List” so far this week. As I am feeling a bit sleep deprived right now though motivation to continue plowing through the list is lagging and I really might go home, crawl into bed after taking some Benadryl and commence with the nerdiest thing that I usually managed to engage in every year or two… I may while drugged up totally watch all six Star Wars movies.

I’m starting to wonder if escaping to Utah for Spring Break might not have better for my allergies… My mom called on Sunday morning and was a bit sad to find that I was not in my car on my way towards the mountains, red rocks, and her house. I had forgotten that I had surprised her last year like that. Last year I told her I was not coming home for Spring Break and then at the last minute decided to go and just randomly showed up on her doorstep.

The phone call on Sunday made me realize that I need to continue to make regular contact with my family. I love them. I miss them. They love me. They miss me. I feel like I blog about this all the time, but despite strains, and some drama both of us still need each other… I need to be a better daughter.

My girlfriend, Leigh, is a great daughter. She takes care of her mom. She helps her mom do stuff. She goes to the movies and to dinner with her mom. She lets her mom give her skin care advice. I could really learn something through watching her with her mom. I need to be more patient with mine. Despite anxiety and drama I need to resist the urge to avoid Utah this summer and go home for a visit. I need to rebuild some connections…  They need to see that I still love them. They need to see that despite being gay and leaving the church that I am still ultimately “me”.

For now though I think I need to make the trip back to my apartment and watch some serious Star Wars and clean out that last closet on the old “to do” list so that I can at least check off one box today. Maybe the use of the force can help me obliterate all allergy causing plants in my small corner of the universe. 


  1. I vote for the Star Wars options, for what it's worth. I'm sorry you are overflowing with mucous. So unpleasant. Take care.

  2. We periodically renew our nerd certification and do that.

    The other required nerd course is watching all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back. (Can't wait for the Hobbit!!!)

    Get well soon!

  3. If that isn't an award-winning post title, I don't know what it!


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